Preferred Partners

Local Service Providers We Recommend

We highly recommend these people and businesses because Dr. Jordan has seen the quality of their work. None of these people requested to or paid to be recommended here – we just want to provide our clients with contacts who will help you have healthier, happier animals!

Equine Recommended Partners & Products


Alexandria Addison – Trainer, Sweet Carolina Acres

Alexandria Addison is an excellent trainer from Greenwoood, SC. She trained Dr. Jordan’s personal horse and also trains the horses that belong to our rescue. If your horse needs to be halterbroke, started under saddle, or simply needs a refresher, she will be a big help. Problems like refusing to load in the trailer, kicking, bucking, pushing you around, or being spooky are all correctable behaviors. Contact Alexandria at (864) 942-2510 to arrange for her to help you with your horse. You can see more about Alexandria’s farm, Sweet Carolina Acres, at

Pete Ramey – Equine Hoof Trimmer

Pete Ramey is an internationally known expert in corrective trimming of horses with founder, navicular disease or other hoof problems. He has trimmed Dr. Jordan’s personal horses as well as horses in the CARE rescue. We are fortunate that he is taking on new clients in our area and we highly recommend him to all our horse owning clients. He also has excellent DVDs and a book on horse hoof health for anyone who wants to learn to trim their own horse or just to know more about horse hooves. You can contact him at 706-201-9447 to set up an appointment for hoof evaluation and trimming.

Also check his website

​​​​​​​California Trace Mineral Supplementation

These minerals are excellent to give horses in our area what they need for ideal hooves and skin. They have higher levels of copper and zinc without the excess iron which is essential for healthy horses. Go to to learn more and to place an order.

Chaffhaye Alfalfa

This is a silage alfalfa which is excellent quality and Dr. Jordan uses for her own horses. It is chopped, so horses will eat it all (not pick though it like regular hay) but it still has the stems needed for good intestinal health. This is the best product Dr. Jordan has ever used for putting weight on thin horses – it is very healthy for them (unlike grains which increase chance of founder) and horses love it. It is also nice to have an alfalfa source that is always good quality and available. Go to to see the closest dealer to you.

​​​​Canine and Feline Recommended Partners

​​​​​​​Lucky Dog Agility Training - Athens, GA

Lucky Dog Agility Training offers positive based reinforcement during all training sessions and classes. Basic obedience and agility courses are available depending on the experience level of the pet. We highly recommend all dogs go through an obedience course to learn manners and to bond with their human companions. Our personal experience with this facility has been very rewarding and worthwhile!

To learn more information, please visit or call 706-742-8551.

Upstate Veterinary Specialists – Greenville, SC

For patients who need more extensive care than we have the equipment or expertise to provide, we refer them to specialists. In most places, the best place to go for specialty care is UVS in Greenville. They do an outstanding job and we are happy to be able to partner with them. In addition to referring patients, we can also have consults with their doctors about your pet if needed