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*We have a few questions about coronavirus risk as this impacts precautions we take while handling pets.
  1. Has anyone in your household had flu-like symptoms, been exposed to coronavirus, been under quarantine for coronavirus, or been diagnosed with coronavirus during the past two weeks? IF THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS YES - DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THE FORM. INSTEAD, CALL US AT (864) 972-9994 FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO PROCEED. DO NOT ARRIVE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT SPEAKING TO US FIRST.
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Please note: We will do an examination and basic testing/medications (such as giving pain meds to a painful pet) and then Dr. Jordan will give you a call to discuss the treatment plan. Typically the cost of the initial exam, tests, and meds is $100-250. If it is over $250, we will call you to discuss prior to performing tests/treatments. Once we have completed tests and treatments, we will call you and set up a pick up time. We will take payment at that point over the phone. Do you have any questions or concerns?