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Current Hospital Patient Check-In for First Groom

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*We have a few questions about coronavirus risk as this impacts precautions we take while handling pets.
  1. Has anyone in your household had flu-like symptoms, been exposed to coronavirus, been under quarantine for coronavirus, or been diagnosed with coronavirus during the past two weeks? IF THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS YES - DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THE FORM. INSTEAD, CALL US AT (864) 972-9994 FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO PROCEED. DO NOT ARRIVE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT SPEAKING TO US FIRST.
Is your pet friendly with strangers? If not, provide details of what sort of situations he/she is not friendly in:
Has your pet had any signs of injury or illness within the past two weeks? If so, please explain:
Does your pet have any food allergies? (We will be giving treats to ensure he/she enjoys the groom, so please write here plus inform our groomer at check in if you pet has food allergies. For pets with food allergies, we ask that you bring treats/food we can give as rewards)
Please note which type groom you are requesting:
Please write any requests/type of groom you want. For instance you might say teddy bear, lion, or natural groom for a Pomeranian. If you are unsure, our groomer is happy to discuss options with you at check in! Also note any special requests such as extra short trim on face or ear plucking. We do not routinely pluck ears as it has been shown to increase ear infection risk, but if your vet recommends ear plucking due to excessive hair in the ear canals, we include it at no extra charge. Also if you do not want something, please note it here (example would be no scented shampoo, no bandanna, or no nail trim).

Please note here if you want an anal sac expression to be done. These are done by vet clinic staff members internally and is recommended for dogs with a history of anal sac problems or who are scooting or licking their anal region. It is not recommended for routine practice for dogs who do not have symptoms of a problem. Cost is $18.

Expect grooming patients to be ready to go home sometime before 5pm. If you need to pick up your pet by a certain time, please arrange this when you make your appointment. Please let us know any questions you have or anything else we need to know in this space: