Emergency Care

24 Hour Emergency Care

Because every minute counts in an emergency, we will always ensure you have help for your pet when you need it. Dr. Jordan is usually able to meet you at the clinic or come to your farm within 30 minutes of receiving a call that your animal needs emergency care. In the rare instance that she is unable to immediately come in, we always have an agreement with another local veterinarian who will be able to see your animal right away.

You can reach us by calling 864-972-9994. You will leave a message and Dr. Jordan will call you back within a few minutes. There is no charge for the call. If you are unsure whether your pet’s symptoms warrant an emergency visit, just call us and we can advise you. We are able to provide all the services after hours that you expect in the daytime - diagnostic tests, hospitalization, surgery, and medical treatments. If needed, one of our staff members will stay with your pet overnight to monitor him/her and provide treatments as instructed by Dr. Jordan. We are the only veterinary hospital in the county able to offer overnight monitoring.